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What I do

I know from my own experience how difficult it is to arrive in a new country. All the things that have to be taken into account - very individual - and how much time the preparation and research takes.


No moving company but personal accompaniment and support before, during and after the move to a new country. School, health insurance, doctor or internet provider: all new and to be organised. This is where I step in. I do research according to your needs and requirements. I find the best solutions and take care of the administration as far as possible. If necessary, I will accompany you to the public services.
And for a better start in the new country, there is a group where you can exchange ideas with like-minded people.

What i will offer depends on what you need. I can look for a new home, a new school, a new yoga class, a new doctor or an internet provider. There are no limits, what you need, you tell me. I will certainly make suggestions for what you should look out.

More Informations


I'm alone


We are two


We are a family


We are a company 

  • Individual Support: tell me what you need and we will figure it out

  • School: not just the system but also adresses and information to each individual school

  • Social system: e.g. health insurance, explanation of the system, getting offers

  • Accompanying you to your appointments: administration, craftsman, doctor

  • Adresses of doctors and vets

  • Looking for the right place to stay or just advising

  • Membership to the include-club: getting to know others and helping each other out

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