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Relocation Service for your employees

I am happy to help you make your company more attractive to employees by offering a specialised relocation service for Basel. 


What often gets forgotten ist that behind a new employee there ist ofte a spouse and children that also have to integrate. With the employee being mostly covert by standard relocation packages, the family behind is lost and not taken care of. My holistic appraoch focusses on the entire household and takes its individual needs into account.

You have the option of including my relocation service for Basel in your offer according to your wishes or those of your new employees. Alternatively, you can refer to my service and I will be happy to support you and your new employees in the relocation process to Switzerland.

My service starts with one hour of individual questions and answers and ends with an all-round carefree package. The focus is always on the emotional support of the employee and his or her household so that they feel comfortable and at home as quickly as possible.

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