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Packages & Prices

Everything ist possible from one hour individual Q&A to total carefree package 

You are moving in a new city, in a new country. Everything will change. I know it, i have done it, i have underestimated it. I lived in Germany, the Netherlands, Australia, Switzerland and France. Even if the cultures are similar, everything changes. To begin with the the social system over the school system and the offers of medical services or internet providers, not to forget the interaction between people.
What i will offer depends on what you need. I can look for a new home, a new school, a new yoga class, a new doctor or an internet provider. There are no limits, you tell me what you need and I tell you what to look for.


Includes the answers to your most urgent questions 

300 CHF (plus VAT)


An all-inclusive support package for your needs. 

3 0
00 CHF (plus VAT) - for 2 adults and 2 children


Administration - Support with the paper work and if needed translational aid and accompaniment to authorities

Insurances - Information on the insurance system and support on finding the right company

Doctors & Vets - Finding the medical support you need

800 CHF (plus VAT)


Housing - We find you a suitable home in the area that fits you the most

Internet & Phone - Information on the system on providers and assistance with the contracts

1 500 CHF (plus VAT)


Child care and schools - Explaining the system and giving you a hand in choosing the best option for your child

Pediatrician - Finding the right medical support for your children

600 CHF (plus VAT) - first child
200 CHF (plus VAT) - every other child



I'm happy to make you a personal offer. Just let me know what you need.


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