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INCLUDE - Relocation Service Basel

Step by step into a relaxed new life with our relocation service.

Benefit from our human-centered relocation service, which supports you with your international move to the Basel region and will also be by your side during the first months.

We will help you to feel at home.

Image by Luana Azevedo
Ute Zweers - Include Relocation GmbH (CEO)

You are looking for a holistic relocation service that...

... is like a mentor.
... is considering all members of your household.
... explains your new country to you and makes it your      new home.
... tells you which school there is for your children.
... navigates you through the jungle of insurances.
... helps you find a flat in the perfect neighbourhood.
... helps you in an environment with a foreign                    language.

What I do

I know from my own experience how difficult it is to arrive in a new country. All the things that have to be taken into account - very individual - and how much time the preparation and research takes.


As a relocation service I offer personal support an assistance before, during and after the move to a new country. School, health insurance, doctor or internet provider: all new and to be organised. This is where I step in. I do individual research according to your needs and requirements. I find the best solutions whether it's finding the ideal flat, identifying the best school for your children, discovering the right yoga course, choosing the right doctor or finding the optimal internet provider - I am your point of contact.

My service is designed to make your integration into your new environment as easy and pleasant as possible. Thats why I stay by your side in the first weeks after the move: to help you feel at home and guide you as a lighthouse through the storm.

 I offer customised solutions, from answering specific questions to providing a comprehensive support package that leaves nothing to be desired.

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Internet & Phone

Childcare & Schools

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Doctors & Vets

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Question & Answers


A child's hands imprint showing their lo

Ute hat mich bei meinem Umzug nach Basel kompetent, zielstrebig und zuverlässig beraten. Sie konnte mir Quartiere empfehlen, hat Listen gemacht und zahlreiche passende Inserate geschickt (auch ausserhalb der üblichen Arbeitszeiten, um keine Zeit bei der Bewerbung zu verlieren). So habe ich mit ihrer Hilfe eine tolle Wohnung gefunden! Darüber hinaus gab mir Ute mit ihrer sympathischen Art Rückhalt; sie hat mir Kapazitäten geschaffen, die ich anderweitig benötigte. Ich kann die Zusammenarbeit mit Ute von Herzen empfehlen.

Elena mit Alba und Leandro



I was extremely impressed with the level of service and attention to detail that Ute provided throughout the entire process. From the initial conversation we had to the actual arrival, everything went smoothly and efficiently.

Marijke and family, The Netherlands



Ute was always available to answer any questions or address any concerns I had. She gave us very good advice regarding the childcare options for our children and explained the various possibilities to us very well, which really put my mind at ease during what can be a very stressful time. You can tell that she has gone through the same process herself and knows from experience what she needs to focus on.

Diego and Klara with Max and Isabel, Germany


I will help you to feel at home

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